Our Approach

Delivery of innovation that yields commercial success requires an environment of entrepreneurship. At Innovation Labs Asia, we offer a core program and a host of complementary workshops that are designed to develop lean startup skills and jumpstart corporate entrepreneurship within your organisations.

We value an experiential approach, having an agile process to do your everyday work and cultivating a steadfast culture. Companies who are adept at transforming and adding value to corporate culture balances all levels of the innovation experience thus making the experience worthwhile for everyone in the organisation. Most participating teams in our core programs see results within a few days as their content is real life, based upon their own environments and challenges. We deliver results that will rapidly help your organisation to innovate like a startup and reap the rewards of business ready innovation.

With the help of some amazing clients, that also act as advisors, we’ve simplified the framework of success down to four sequential phases known as the 4Cs: Context, Culture, Capability and Collaboration.

These four phases must work together in unison and from there organisations can unlock new market perspectives and move to adjacent or new markets. The phases layout the key dependencies that enable success in each phase, and tackle the ‘difficult’ conversations when the returns are relevant. We shall go through all these phases in depth in each of our workshops.

If our approach can be summed up into one proverb, this would be it.

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”

At Innovations Labs Asia, we focus on equipping you with the right skills to reap long term benefits. We cultivate thought leadership that would enable you to go beyond the norm, to think independently and to inspire others to move the ball forward.