Where is Innovation Labs Asia located?

Innovation Labs Asia has offices in Singapore and Melbourne, Australia. We are a global firm and have undertaken projects in Pakistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and all over the world. 

Do you offer Webinars if I can’t hold a workshop?

Yes we can offer any of our half day workshops as a 90 minute webinar. The practical exercises are removed from the content in this case. 

Do you have any eLearning options available? 

Yes, we have partnered with SmartUP eLearning App to create short courses about Innovation that can be completed on your mobile phone, with your progress tracked, contact us to learn.

What outcomes can I expect from your Innovation Workshops? 

Over the years we’ve witnessed a common weakness in the armour of even the best innovation or digital teams, in that they can not operate in isolation of current business. The team must learn to communicate and integrate with a product, finance, operations, marketing, compliance and technology, each with their unique perspective on the execution of the business, each with their own set of terms, metrics and priorities, which can stand in the way of productivity.
One of the ways we’ve seen work efficiently is the adoption of a core customer­ centric culture that brings consistent frameworks, perspectives and metrics that align teams and unleash the power of customer ­centric innovation.
During our Innovation workshops, individuals from the across the organisation learn a consistent framework that empowers them to interact with an aligned set of terminology, measures of success and processes for investigation. At the conclusion of the program, individuals will have role­played the methods and experienced first hand the means to aligning on customer value. Enabling teams to collaborate more efficiently in their day ­jobs, and bring to life customer ­centric innovation.

What is an example structure and flow of your workshops? 

At the outset of the workshop, individuals engage in a self­ reflection exercise confronting the barriers to innovation within the organisation today, before being taken on a practical learning journey through critical modules that form the basis of innovation theory, models and measurement.
The first module, Lean Enterprise 101, covers an overview of the global trends that are shaping disruptive businesses and the forces that have powered success. At the core is customer ­centric innovation, as a vital step towards objectively understanding customer need as an input to developing products and services. The team then work through the frameworks for validating customer insight and de-­risking the innovation journey with structured measurable customer investigation techniques that apply to consumer and business customers.

The workshop wraps up by giving everyone a chance to apply their new skills in a role­play scenario, where techniques are tested and refined.

Will I get any certification on the successful completion of your workshops? 

Our programs  lay the foundations for your organisation’s culture and skills transformation. Upon successful completion, individuals have the necessary skills to identify and raise ideas for developing through the innovation process. In our best clients, they embed the program as a ‘license to innovate’ equipping the organisation for stronger and more effective innovation program.

Is there any specific company size or market that is best suited for this program?                     
Our programs can be customised to suit companies of any size. However for example the Innovation Practitioner Program -  it’s value is best seen in companies whose workforce is divided into divisions or silos, as the plans give them an efficient way to collaborate on the core value of customer centricity.

Are there plans to get government approval for your programs? (Singapore Specific)

Innovation Labs Asia is a huge supporter of Singapore’s Smart Nation agenda, including Skills Future. We are working closely with our partners and clients to align our programs to the support offered by the Singapore government

How are your Innovation Programs different from other Innovation Courses/ Workshops on the market?

Innovation Labs Asia prides itself on fusing the world of corporate innovation and the disruptive powers of the startup world. Our team comes with over a decade of global experience at both ends of the spectrum, working with multi­national boards, and early­ stage startups. This gives your company first hand exposure to a team of practitioners that cover the broad diversity that innovation requires.

Do the longer workshops such as the three day workshops need to be held on consecutive days? 

Innovation Labs Asia prides itself on covering the essential models and topics to enable practical application within your company, in a format that suits the needs of competitive market. While we highly recommend the proposed structure and schedule, we can work to suit your company’s unique situation or needs.

Is there any ideal time to embark on this program, i.e. when in our pursuit for change or growth should we sign up with you?                                     
The early stages of the innovation journey are all about motivation, so we encourage companies to align the deployment of programs like Innovation Practitioner to the cycles and cadence of your strategy calendar. History tells us that motivation is highest when Board members become aware of threats in their industry, such as large technology companies entering the market.
Innovation Labs Asia's Innovation Context program can assist companies to navigate the forces in play for your industry and work to identify the most vulnerable parts of the business to maximise the motivation for transformation.

Who are the right/ appropriate people to attend the workshops?

The ideal approach to deploying innovative culture is to prioritise three aspects in the recruitment approach to the training. Customer facing staff in the most vulnerable parts of the business should be given first priority, along with the business units decision makers. This works to accelerate the closing of a key gap in organisational agility, the gap between first­hand customer empathy and the decision framework of the business.

We take this approach, as the likelihood of starting with meaningful ideas is higher creating a vital early milestone, celebrating success. Early success is critical for setting a positive example for other individuals and teams to follow the early example.

You mentioned in your website that you work in innovation culture transformation, what is “innovation culture”

Ravasi and Schultz (2006) wrote that organizational culture is a set of shared assumptions that guide what happens in organizations by defining appropriate behavior for various situations. It is also the pattern of such collective behaviors and assumptions that are taught to new organizational members as a way of perceiving and, even, thinking and feeling. Innovation Culture is a foundational dependency on the journey of building an innovative organisation. Organizational culture represents the collective values, beliefs and principles of organizational members and is a product of such factors as history, product, market, technology, strategy, type of employees, and management style. Innovative organisations naturally gravitate to cultural values and principles such as curiosity, experimentation, customer value and the acceptance of failure.

In order for individuals and teams to innovate effectively, the need a common language and principles that enables cooperation and collaboration. By leveraging the frameworks, terminology and principles within our Innovation programs, your organisation can lay the guide rails for strong collaboration across the organisation.

How is this program apt for my company, if the goal is to achieve internal competency, effectiveness and efficiency incremental change?

Innovation isn’t all about disruption and cutting edge technologies. In fact the Innovation Practitioner program is aim to equip individuals and teams with the means to better understand the needs of their current and aspirational customers, with the intend to create opportunity.

With the pace of the digital world accelerating, the needs of the market also evolve. The primary goal of the Innovation Practitioner program is to prepare your organisation to detect, investigate, measure and decide on the trends that will impact your business.

How different is Innovation Practitioner from consumer behaviour research and analytics, or do both of them come hand in hand?

The Innovation Practitioner is very similar to consumer behaviour research, in that it intends to develop empathy for customers. The only difference is that Innovation Practitioner includes aspects that align customer insight to opportunity creation, which includes identification of early adopters and exploration of hypothetical solutions.